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Fully interactive 360° panoramic Virtual tours are hosted on skyebed.com

Simple iframe code allows the virtual tour to be easily embedded into any website.

Each virtual tour consists of a number of fully interactive 360° panoramas of which there are three separate packages with different pricing levels.

The initial attendance fee for the photoshoot is set at £95 regardless of the package. The subscription packages are :-

  1. Up to 6 full 360° panoramas - £10 per month
  2. Up to 12 full 360° panoramas - £15 per month
  3. Up to 20 full 360° panoramas - £20 per month

Over 20 panoramas will require consultation to arrange a suitable figure.

All subscriptions are by direct debit via GoCardless.com

GoCardless is the UK’s leading Direct Debit provider, used by over 20,000 organisations ranging from small businesses and sole traders, to large companies such as Thomas Cook, TripAdvisor and the Guardian. Direct Debit can be set up in seconds.

Clients will receive an email from them on setting up a simple hassle free direct debit.

The monthly subscription remains the same per month for at least the duration of the first year. If in subsequent years the subscription fee increases, clients will be informed at least 2 months in advance of any rise, and have no obligation to continue with the subscription should they wish to cancel.

All photo-shoots are undertaken with the understanding that the subscription must be paid for at least 1 year (unless the virtual tour has been fully bought out at a price agreed by skyebed and the client). After one year there is no obligation to continue to subscribe and you can cancel your subscription without incurring any cancellation fees. Your virtual tour will then be removed from skyebed.com and hence cease to function on your own website. Clients wishing to cancel their subscription before the first year of subscription are liable to pay the full remaining subscription amount to the end of the year.

Here’s hoping you have every success

Terms and Conditions

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